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Activate the fixed monthly price

When the car is taken into use or the delivery date agreed, the fixed monthly price must be activated with the form below.

Payment methods accepted at Gasum gas filling stations


Gasum filling station card machines allow you to fill your vehicle up quickly and safely around the clock. Just follow the instructions on the card machine display at the station.

You can use the Gasum GasCard charge card, Finnish debit and Visa Electron cards as well as MasterCard and Visa credit cards at our gas filling stations. Please note that cash is not accepted at Gasum stations.

The GasCard is based on monthly invoicing and you can order it for yourself or your business from Gasum customer service. When using the GasCard you will always know how much you are spending on fuel. There is no monthly card use charge or interest on the payment period.

Payment method options in use at gas filling stations operated by other companies will vary.

GasCard application form for private customers

GasCard terms and conditions