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Fixed-price road fuel gas, price campaign terms and conditions

General about the campaign

Gasum is offering private customers, who during the campaign period purchase or import a gas car, the opportunity to buy road fuel gas (CNG) at a fixed monthly price. The price for natural gas is €69/month and for biogas €89/month. The fixed-price campaign only applies to new agreements entered into between January 16 and June 30, 2017. Once opened, the agreement will remain in force for 18 months from the date of activation of the fixed price. The fixed price covers fill-ups at all Gasum CNG stations in Finland up to a total metered quantity of 4,000 kg (*.

The fixed price is aimed at new and existing GasCard customers and only applies to private individuals. The price benefit covers all gas-fueled passenger cars sold by car dealers as well as used passenger gas cars imported by private individuals.

Gascard application

The fixed price requires the acquisition of the Gasum GasCard charge card. The application for the card must be made right away in conjunction with ordering the car. In the card application, the invoicing method selected should be Fixed monthly price and the product selection should be either natural gas or biogas.

In case the car is bought from a car dealer, the name of the car dealership business and the car dealer (person) should be entered in the additional information field of the card application.

In case of a new car the delivery of which will take place on a date later than the purchase date, the estimated delivery date must be specified in the card application – this way the invoicing for the fixed price will not begin immediately. When the car is taken into use or the delivery date agreed, the fixed monthly price must be activated separately using the notification form found at The fixed price must be activated no later than within six (6) months from the date of card application.

If the physical delivery takes place at the same time as the card application (used car), the car’s registration plate number must be given in the card application. In such a case the separate activation of the fixed price is not needed.

In case of a car imported personally by the customer, a copy (electronic or printout) of the confirmation message of the declaration of use submitted to the Tax Administration must be appended to the application. The car’s registration plate number or Vehicle Identification Number must be given in the additional field of the application. No separate activation of the fixed price is needed.


The fixed price will be activated for use starting from the 1st day of the following month, and the invoicing period is the calendar month. The term of payment for the invoices is 14 days (net).

Termination of agreement 

This agreement may be terminated by the customer at one month’s notice. Once terminated, the agreement cannot be reactivated for the campaign.

If the customer terminates this agreement prematurely during the agreement period, the amount of gas used by the customer will be scaled on the basis of the length of the actual agreement period against the maximum limit of 18 months. Gasum has the right to invoice the customer for any amounts exceeding the new maximum limit obtained in this manner (e.g. if the agreement is terminated after 8 months, the amount of fill-ups included in the fixed price is 8 x 222 kg = 1,778 kg).

If the customer does not terminate the GasCard agreement at the end of the 18-month campaign benefit period, the validity of the GasCard will continue automatically and invoicing will be based only on the metered amounts of fill-ups made using the card.
*) For the 18-month agreement period corresponds to around 90,000 km driven, i.e. around 60,000 km per year.

Restrictions on use

The GasCard tied to the fixed price is personal, and the campaign benefit cannot be transferred to another person. Fill-up transactions made using the card will be monitored by Gasum. In the event of any card misuse, Gasum has the right to discontinue the fixed pricing. Not for retail use. The price campaign does not apply to gas retrofits.

Gasum is not liable to compensate its customers for any inconvenience caused by any service disruptions at filling stations.

Other terms and conditions

If the amount of gas purchased by the customer exceeds the metered quantity of 4,000 kg during the 18-month agreement period, Gasum will invoice for the amount in excess on the basis of the customer’s product choice and the price prevailing at the time (the pylon price at the public filling station located closest to the customer’s place of residence).