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In Riihimäki and Oulu area, our partner Soilfood will help you to the choose right local fertilizers.

Organic fertilizer products sourced locally


In addition to biogas, Gasum’s nationwide biogas plant network produces high-quality organic fertilizer products for agriculture. We serve local farmers locally and flexibly – around the year.

Controlled quality

Biodegradable fractions delivered to our biogas plants go through a rigorous treatment process where they are processed into organic fertilizer products. Our nutrient products are high in hygiene quality as any pathogens, pests and weed seeds are destroyed by heating the feedstock mass to a temperature above 70 °C. All of our fertilizers are produced in compliance with the Decree on Fertilizer Products, and our operations are supervised by the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira).

Odor-generating compounds are also efficiently broken down in the biogas production process, which reduces odor nuisance in storage and field application.

Improved fertilizing effect while taking the environment into consideration

The organic matter content of soil is reduced by many conventional farming methods and natural erosion. In addition to macro- and micronutrients, our high-quality fertilizer products also contain organic carbon for improved soil fertility.

Switch to recycled fertilizers

Contact our product manager to help you choose the right products and farming methods for the best results. If you are located at the Riihimäki or Oulu area, our partner Soilfood will help you to the choose right local fertilizers.

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Gasum partners with nutrient-recycling startup Soilfood

Soilfood is a company processing nutrient residues created as by-products in biogas production into low-cost targeted fertilizers that can be used to replace expensive artificial fertilizers.