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Finnish startup Soilfood introduces targeted fertilizers for farmers


Founded by Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin, Soilfood is a startup that became Finland’s largest nutrient recycler and producer of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners in summer 2016.

One of Soilfood’s partners is Gasum, and nutrient residues are already delivered from Gasum biogas plants to hundreds of Finnish farms. Once processed by Soilfood, nutrient residues can be utilized even more efficiently in agriculture.

Investing in the soil

Digestate is created as a by-product in biogas production. It mainly consists of undigested material and microbial biomass that lived and grew in the process. Soilfood uses a patented formula to turn digestate into a low-cost fertilizer that can replace expensive artificial fertilizers.

”Many people know that without vitamin D your body cannot absorb calcium. In the same way, the soil needs not only nitrogen and phosphorus but also many vital micronutrients in the correct ratios. The decisive factor here is microbial activity, and this is ignored in monocultural chemical agriculture. Improving the soil is by far the best investment a farmer can make,” says Kankaanrinta.

What is good for the farmer is also good for the environment: the best organically fertilized fields fix carbon in the soil, and nutrients are used for growth instead of ending up burdening the sea. Solving the problems faced by the Baltic Sea is a theme particularly close to the couple who are co-founders of the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) foundation. Gasum has also made a commitment for action with a positive impact on the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea.