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Timo Jokila

Sales manager
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Heat with gas


In the Nordic countries it is important for us to stay warm indoors – while also making sure our winters will remain snowy in the future too. Gas is a clean and forward-looking solution for industrial and other enterprise heating needs.

Natural gas and biogas are versatile fuels that can be utilized at the same time in heating as well as production process energy. Using flue gases in heating is a clean, safe and supply-secure solution for your company.

Let’s find the most suitable option for your business

Natural gas is a sulfur-free fuel with low particulate emissions. A switch from natural gas to 100%, renewable and environmentally friendly biogas can also be made without any special investments. For those in areas outside the gas pipeline network we offer solutions based on liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Take a step into the future today and contact us. As our customer you will always have access to the best gas technology expertise and competence in the country.

”Raw materials must be respected and nothing must be wasted. The energy decision made by us is also related to this: the biogas used at our Visitor Centre is made from our own waste.”

Nina Elomaa, Corporate Responsibility Director, Fazer