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Our customers have as forerunners in Finland selected a renewable energy source: 100% Finnish and emission-free biogas. Read their stories and join our growing community.

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Roasting coffee requires experience: it takes a true professional to smell and see when the roast is just right. Paulig boasts plenty of this experience...

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Responsibility has always been at the core of Fazer’s operations. Celebrating its 125th anniversary, in October 2016 the food company...

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Hämeenlinnan osuusmeijeri

Organic milk packaged at the cooperative dairy Hämeenlinnan Osuusmeijeri is produced organically and packaged sustainably. Nothing is wasted...

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Niemi Services

Founded by Kalevi Niemi in 1981, a people-centred approach, green values and local sourcing have been important to this family business ever since the beginning. In spring..

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Bryggeri Helsinki

The basic philosophy of Bryggeri Helsinki brewery restaurant is to marry great food and beer by designing its menus around beer. Ecological aspects are also close...