Niemi Services Ltd

Established: 1981

Owners: majority of shares held by the four Niemi brothers – Ilpo, Juha, Kai and Esa, with shares also held by 26 Niemi employees and executives

Turnover: €30.6 million (2015)

Offices: head office in Helsinki, regional offices in Jyväskylä, Lahti, Oulu, Tampere and Turku; from January 1, 2017 also in Kuopio

Number of employees: around 1,000

Fleet: 110 vehicles, of which 15 are biogas-fueled

Annual number of moves: 10,000 residential moves, 12,000 corporate moves and 35,000 other service transactions

Kilometers driven per year: around 3.3 million

Niemi has made a commitment to cut the fine particulate emissions from its transport operations down to zero by 2040.

Awarded the right to use the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol by the Association of Finnish Work

”Biogas is an obvious fuel choice for us as it’s a 100% Finnish and renewable fuel with zero fine particulate emissions.”

Niemi for greener moves

Moving vans and trucks running on 100% Finnish biogas are part of the development of Niemi Services Ltd towards a greener future free from fine particulate emissions.

Founded by Kalevi Niemi in 1981, a people-centred approach, green values and local sourcing have been important to this family business ever since the beginning. In spring 2016 Niemi Services Ltd began cooperation with Gasum in the use of biogas-fueled moving vehicles. This was a natural step in the company’s role to continue as a forerunner leading the way in its sector.

Today the Niemi fleet includes a total of 15 biogas vehicles, two of which are large 18-tonne Volvo trucks. The newly introduced moving vehicles are used alongside the traditional fleet in Helsinki and around the capital region.

Niemi also aims to get biogas vehicles for branches outside the capital region in the future once the number of biogas filling stations increases. The company’s aim is reaffirmed by inquiries made by customers about biogas vehicles.

– These days our customers are highly environmentally aware and interested in green values. They’ve also responded positively to this reform and want to know when these vehicles will also be available in their area.

– As soon as we add new vehicles to our fleet we can start earmarking them for customers wishing to book one. After all, you can buy ordinary food and organic food at supermarkets. Our fleet could also include ordinary vehicles and ”organic vehicles”, says Ilpo Niemi, Executive Director of Niemi Services and grandson of the founder of the company, envisioning the future.

Improved support for green transport?

The executive director flies the flag high for a more extensive filling station network and improved conditions for gas vehicle use.

– The government should use tax measures to support more environmentally friendly transport and make the situation easier for biogas and electric cars – be it through car tax or the excise duty on fuels.

– Finland is still a bit backwards in this respect as in countries like Sweden the number of biogas vehicles is many times higher than over here. I can’t understand why the Finnish Government is putting the break on this development as Finland has also made a commitment to the Paris climate agreement, which also applies to transport emissions, says Niemi.

Environmental Program: recycling everything and cutting fine particulate emissions down to zero

For 35 years Niemi moving vehicles were filled up exclusively on gasoline or diesel, but a change is gradually taking place. Environmental values and reducing transport emissions play a key role for the company. According to Niemi, in this respect biogas was an obvious choice and actually the only option.

– Biogas is a 100% Finnish and renewable fuel with zero fine particulate emissions. There aren’t really any other corresponding fuel options available for heavy-duty road vehicles – at least not ones that are 100% Finnish. Local sourcing is very important to us. After all, our company was awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol in 2015.

In 2010 Niemi Services adopted the Principles of Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Program under which the company aims to cut fine particulate emissions down to zero by 2040.

Proof of the company’s responsibility is also the recycling facility opened in 2013, which is an impressive experience for the visitor: mountains of items neatly organized in compartments are sorted and recycled in the Niemi premises with clever efficiency.

– Although the volume of items discarded by people has increased enormously over the past few years, we no longer take nothing to the landfill site. Instead, it’s all recycled by us these days. First we try to find new uses for the items in compliance with the Waste Act through operators such as the Reuse Centres but, if this isn’t possible, we sort the materials and deliver them for recycling. This is a major achievement that we can be particularly proud of, says Niemi.

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