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Tommi Lehtosaari

Sales and Key Account Manager
p. +358 43 825 5577

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Processing of biodegradable waste


Biogas production is a sustainable and comprehensive way to utilize biodegradable fractions generated in the operations of an enterprise or other organization. The organic matter created as a by-product of biogas production is recycled by us back to nature by producing recycled fertilizers for local farmers.

We are Finland’s largest processer of biodegradable fractions

Thanks to our nationwide network of biogas plants, we are the largest processer of biodegradable fractions in Finland. We provide our customers with a flexible service – on a 24/7 basis if necessary. We provide a professional service for private as well as public organizations

Our service includes the processing of inedible food waste from retail outlets, food industry side streams and spoilt batches. We also take care of the recycling of sewage and grease trap sludge. 

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“Brewing an annual total of around 140,000 liters of beer generates up to more than 50 tonnes of spent grains as a by-product. The grains used to end up as feed for pigs and other livestock and also for composting, but now they’re picked up from us and taken to the Labio biogas plant in Lahti and turned into biogas.”

Pekka Kääriäinen, Managing Director, Bryggeri Helsinki