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Road fuel gas prices


0.936 € / l

Natural gas

0.821 € / l

Gas prices may vary.

Run your company vehicles on clean and economical fuel


Choosing gas to fuel your company vehicles will cut your fuel costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Gas-fueled vehicles can be filled up in Finland on 100% Finnish and renewable biogas or the cheapest road fuel available – natural gas.

Gas-powered vehicles available from cars to commercial vehicles

The gas option is widely available in all size categories from cars to commercial vehicles and buses. Cars that can be fueled on gas can be found among the best-selling models of makes such as Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

Gas cars sold in Finland are bifuel models, which means they also have a gasoline tank in addition to the gas tank. Gas cars therefore have a longer driving range than vehicles powered by other fuels. If the gas runs out, the car automatically switches to gasoline.

The purchase price of a gas car does not differ significantly from that of gasoline- or diesel-fueled cars, and gas cars are a cheaper low-emissions alternative than electric cars.

Gas vehicles are used in Finland for many purposes, including:

  • company cars

  • service and installation vehicles

  • delivery vehicles

  • taxis

  • driver training vehicles

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“These days our customers are highly environmentally aware and interested in green values. Biogas is an obvious choice for us as it’s a 100% Finnish and renewable fuel with zero fine particulate emissions.”

Ilpo Niemi, Executive Director, Niemi Services Ltd