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Road fuel gas prices


0,942 € / l

Natural gas

0,744 € / l

Gas prices may vary.

Cut the carbon footprint of your enterprise one kilometer at a time


The gas option is widely available for a variety of uses and in all size categories from cars to commercial vehicles and buses. You can fill up on 100% renewable biogas or choose the cheapest road fuel available – natural gas.

Cars that can be fueled on gas can be found among the best-selling models of the most popular makes such as Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen. The purchase price of a gas car does not differ significantly from that of a corresponding gasoline- or diesel-fueled car.

In addition to the gas tank, gas cars also have a gasoline tank. If the gas runs out, the car automatically switches to gasoline. We are continuously expanding our compressed gas filling station network around Finland. For the locations of current stations and your nearest station, see the map of gas filling stations.

Fuel solution for various needs

How could you make driving for your enterprise both economically and ecologically sound? Contact our sales staff to talk about an economical fuel solution for your needs in Finland. Our GasCard charge card also gives you access to agreement-specific discounts on fuel costs.

Cost-effective company cars

A gas car is an excellent choice if you are looking for company cars for your personnel. In terms of total costs, gas cars are the cheapest option in Finland. Total costs include the car purchase price, maintenance costs, fuel price and residual value. The stable pricing of gas makes vehicle costs predictable – costs can be locked in for up to four years. Gas cars also retain excellent resale value.

In addition to being cost-effective, driving on gas is also an environmentally friendly choice for your company fleet. Based on life cycle analysis, the use of natural gas reduces greenhouse gas emissions around 25% compared with gasoline, and biogas helps cut emissions by up to 85% over the entire life cycle of the fuel. Gas-fueled cars produces just a fraction of local emissions compared to conventional fuels and this in turn improves urban air quality.

In Finland, you can get the Gasum GasCard charge card for businesses via several leasing companies, with an agreement-specific discount negotiated by the leasing company and invoicing for fill-ups made with the card going via the leasing company. Alternatively, you can get the GasCards directly from Gasum.

Gas-fueled maintenance, installation and delivery vehicles provide you with a competitive advantage

Using gas to fuel your vehicles helps you to minimize emissions from your logistics chain while at the same time standing out positively among your competitors – clean transport solutions provide you with a competitive advantage. By utilizing Gasum’s circular economy solutions your company vehicles can run on biodegradable waste generated by your organization and make the circular economy as a concrete part of your operations.

Driving on gas is also an economically advantageous solution. With installation and maintenance vehicles clocking up thousands of kilometers, gas is an excellent choice for your business. Gas pricing is stable, making your fuel costs predictable.

Fixed price for taxi entrepreneurs

Taxi entrepreneurs face the requirements of increasingly aware customers in their everyday business. Using a renewable fuel is both a way of standing out among the competitors and offering customers an environmentally friendly alternative.

In addition to environmental friendliness, fuel costs are an important factor when choosing a car. That is why our campaign in Finland offers taxi entrepreneurs biogas and natural gas at a fixed monthly price for up to three years at a time. The fixed-price taxi product is an excellent way of anticipating costs for taxi businesses.

Taxi entrepreneurs can also opt for pricing based on metered fill-ups with an agreement-specific discount.

Ecological teaching cars for driving schools

Driving schools can also opt for gas-fueled cars as their teaching cars. An environmentally car choice is a great way of putting responsible company values into practice and at the same time setting a good example for future car users.

Apply for a GasCard charge card for your business

Any enterprise-specific discounts on road fuel gas will be granted to GasCard charge card holders. Take a look at the card agreement terms and conditions.

“These days our customers are highly environmentally aware and interested in green values. Biogas is an obvious choice for us as it’s a 100% renewable fuel with zero fine particulate emissions.”

Ilpo Niemi, Executive Director, Niemi Services Ltd

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