Trading at Gasum

Trading’s extensive network of trading counterparts and the number of marketplaces allow access to the best prices.

Trading in financial products

  • trading in financial products linked to natural gas hub indexes (TTF, THE, NBP, GetBaltic)

  • in physically delivered gas products

  • in LNG deliveries

  • in emission allowances (EUA)

  • in oil derivatives (Brent, Propane) and electricity derivatives

  • in physically delivered electricity products.

Going forward, Trading seeks to expand into the Central European markets in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


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Jouni Liimatta Gasum

Jouni Liimatta

Head of Trading
tel. +358 40 829 3330

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Portfolio management & Trading –comprehensive energy solutions with sound expertise

Trading is responsible for pricing Gasum’s products, trading in all financial products as well as for sales of natural gas across Gasum in Nordics and in Baltic countries. When a customer needs environmentally friendly, optimally priced and comprehensive energy solutions, Trading uses its sound expertise to tailor them.

Gasum’s customers see Trading in the form of competitive pricing in all the products offered and this is reflected in better product prices. Efforts are made to automate processes as much as possible to ensure optimum effectiveness of the product or service provided to the customer.

”Our competitive edge is our highly experienced and competent people, who are also capable of tailoring product solutions that are best suited to customer needs;” says Jouni Liimatta, Head of Trading, Gasum.

Trading’s extensive network of trading counterparts and the number of marketplaces allow access to the best prices. Trading trades in both financial products linked to hub indexes (TTF, THE, NBP, GetBaltic) and in physically delivered gas products. In addition, Trading trades in LNG deliveries, emission allowances (EUAs), oil derivatives (Brent, Propane) as well as in electricity derivatives and in physically delivered electricity products.

Sights set on Central Europe

Going forward, Trading seeks to expand into the Central European markets in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The aim is to help Nordic, globally operating customers, in their energy market needs also in their Central European operations.

“LNG is already a global market, and in this market, we are able to deliver additional benefits to our customers not just in the Baltic Sea Region but also globally. The importance of LNG in the energy market will grow,” Liimatta says.

Striving for carbon neutrality is a megatrend and more and more companies are pursuing environmentally friendlier energy solutions for their business.

”We are able to respond to customer needs comprehensively with regard to the energy market. An increasing number of our products represent environmentally friendlier forms of energy. We are able to supply biomethane products, emission allowances and guarantees of origin to minimize the carbon footprint of customers. We aim to help customers towards carbon-neutral energy procurement. I consider biomethane to be an environmentally friendly megatrend in carbon-neutral energy alternatives, and one which will become increasingly important moving forward,” Liimatta says.

Energy solutions for the entire value chain

Gasum produces environmentally friendly biogas in Finland and Sweden. Besides this, the company develops new wind power production. These factors allow Gasum to build tailored solutions to serve the customer’s entire value chain. These can relate to logistics solutions by providing biogas for passenger vehicle transport and heavy-duty transport and for maritime shipping. In the case of an industrial actor, the customer might need a cleaner solution also for their energy needs.

“We are able to cover the customer’s entire energy need - from raw material and related logistics to the production phase and product delivery. We are able to help in the entire chain to enable the customer to operate in an environmentally friendlier way with regard to their energy solutions,” Liimatta explains.

Better predictability with portfolio management

When the gas market in Finland opened up for competition at the start of 2020, previously stable prices shifted to a considerably more volatile price system. The market moves in line with global events. For customers, the challenge is that it is slightly harder to predict the price of gas than earlier. This means that risk management has become more important.

”We believe that gas portfolio management and the risk management service affect customers’ gas purchasing decisions, and this is why we at Gasum have built these services, too. These services make it possible to eliminate price volatility and to make price movements more predictable,” Liimatta says.

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