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Gasum recycles an annual total of around 500,000 tonnes of biomass into biogas, a low-emission fuel for land and maritime transport as well as industry.

In addition to biogas, Gasum plants produce a variety of recycled nutrients for agricultural and industrial uses.

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The Turku biogas plant has the capacity to process an annual total of 130,000 tonnes of biomass and produces 61 GWh/a biogas.

Turku biogas plant expansion to increase biogas processing

Gasum is making major investments in biogas production and distribution in Finland and Sweden. The expansion of the Turku biogas plant in Finland was commpleted during 2019, resulting in a significant increase in biogas production capacity. Following the expansion, the Turku biogas plant have the capacity to process an annual total of around 110,000 tonnes of biomass.

The Turku biogas plant expansion is one of the key projects of the Finnish Government. The project involves Gasum investing in plant capacity expansion, liquefied biogas (LBG) and nutrient recycling.

The Turku biogas project boosts the growth of the Finnish biogas market and promotes the development of the heavy-duty transport gas market. The project also improves the opportunities to use local road fuel gas in the Turku region.

The Turku biogas project entity comprises the expansion of the Topinoja, Turku, biogas plant and an investment in the production of organic nutrients.

The liquefaction capacity will correspond to the annual fuel consumption of around 125 heavy-duty vehicles.

The biogas plant's processing capacity is around 110,000 tonnes of biomass a year. The Turku expansion project have been provided 170 full-time equivalents of employment during the construction phase.

Updated 27.12.2021

Biogas as part of the circular economy in Turku