Why it pays to choose gas?

  • Gas is an environmental-friendly fuel for heavy-duty transport and suitable for most logistics needs.

  • Use of gas as a fuel can help to reduce road traffic emissions in line with climate goals.

  • Use the calculator to see how much your company can save in fuel costs by switching to liquefied gas.

Jani Arala Gasum

Jani Arala

Head of Traffic Solutions
tel. +358 44 054 8583

Use of biogas is revolutionizing the logistics sector ‒ FREJA is leading the way

FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy is reducing the environmental loading of its transport operations by using biogas in its Iveco Stralis NP tractor unit. The mode of transport utilizes the circular economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions during the lifecycle of the fuel by up to 90%.

FREJA Transport and Logistics Finland is working together with Gasum in developing the environmental friendliness of heavy-duty transport. FREJA uses gas-driven tractor units powered by liquefied biogas in its transport operations. Cooperation between FREJA and Gasum began as part of the City of Turku’s CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, which is co-financed by the European Union. The joint project seeks to reduce CO2 and particle emissions particularly in the Turku area. FREJA Transport and Logistics Finland is the first forwarding company to add a biogas powered semi-trailer truck to its own fleet.

FREJA encourages the use of gas as a road fuel

In Finland, FREJA uses biogas to transport within a radius of about one thousand kilometers. Transport powered by biogas had focused on the Turku region and Southern Finland because the project too is being implemented in partnership with the City of Turku. There are biogas filling stations on the routes for example in Turku, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Jyväskylä. Refueling is easy when planned according to filling station location. Also the drivers are pleased with the vehicle’s quiet running noise and cleanness.

FREJA is constantly developing eco-friendly solutions for transport and logistics. Optimizing transport has the greatest impact on the environment. As a company, FREJA wants to set an example to other actors in the industry and this is why FREJA boldly got involved in the research project. FREJA is using the solutions to reduce its own environmental loading while improving transport quality and responsibility.

There are around 150,000 heavy-duty tractor units in the Nordic countries. The combined energy consumption of these tractor units corresponds to around 2/3 of Finland’s annual electricity consumption, a huge amount of energy. Efforts from everyone, including heavy-duty transport, are required to reach ambitious emission reductions.

Sampo Koulu, Traffic Director Finland, FREJA calls for logistics companies to boldly switch to environmentally efficient fuels such as gas.

“We must all work towards mitigating climate warming. We are continuously working with our customers to take our operations in a more ecofriendly direction.”

Liquefied gas reduces emissions in heavy-duty transport

Use of gas as a road fuel considerably reduces emissions in heavy-duty transport. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) already now provide a possibility to significantly reduce transport emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle of LNG are more than 20% lower than those of fossil diesel. The use of biogas as a fuel can reduce greenhouse gases by up to 90% over the lifecycle of the fuel.


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