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Gasum is a forerunner in sustainable Nordic energy solutions and circular economy.

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Gasum Group Financial statements bulletin published

In 2016 we took purposeful steps to advance our strategy, and the Gasum Group’s financial performance had a positive trend, comments CEO Johanna Lamminen.


Lihajaloste Korpela’s plant in Huittinen is to switch to using Finnish biogas in processed meat production

Meat processing company Lihajaloste Korpela Oy is to start using biogas in the production of processed meat products at its plant in Huittinen. Gasum will deliver biogas made from local waste in tanks since the plant is outside the gas network catchment area.  

Lihajaloste Korpela is to switch from using fossil light fuel oil to renewable biogas at its plant in Huittinen and from spring 2018 will make all processed meat products using renewable, locally produced biogas. The company wants to encourage the use of environmentally friendly local Finnish energy. Biogas produced by Gasum will be delivered logistically to Lihajaloste Korpela in tanks, which is a flexible way to use biogas outside the gas network catchment area.

Switching to biogas will mean Lihajaloste Korpela uses 450,000 liters less fuel oil, thereby cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,200 tonnes a year. This corresponds to more than 10 million kilometres of driving, which equates to the average annual mileage clocked up by 530 cars in total.

“We are a Finnish company with long traditions and so want to do our bit for a cleaner environment. Above all, use of renewable local Finnish energy is a responsible choice,” says Seppo Korpela, Managing Director at Lihajaloste Korpela.

Gasum biogas is a 100% Finnish biofuel made from 100% renewable feedstocks and has been awarded the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol as well as the Nordic Ecolabel.

“We’re really pleased to begin biogas cooperation with Lihajaloste Korpela, whose plant will switch over to using environmentally friendly Finnish energy in its production processes. We will deliver biogas to the plant flexibly in tanks. Using our advanced tank technology, we can supply biogas flexibly and economically to anywhere accessible on wheels. We expect this means of transport to encourage increasingly more companies to switch over to renewable biogas, says Jussi Rinttilä, Sales Director at Gasum.

Gasum’s Finnish biogas plants are located in Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Oulu, Riihimäki, Turku and Vehmaa. Gasum also produces biogas with its partners in Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. In Sweden, Gasum has biogas plants in Jordberga, Katrineholm, Lidköping and Örebro, as well as a majority shareholding in a production plant located in Västerås. In addition, Gasum has a 50% shareholding in Vadsbo Biogas in Sweden.

Gasum is the leading processer of biodegradable waste and supplier of biogas in the Nordic countries. Gasum processes an annual total of 800,000 tonnes of biomass and produces an annual total of around 650 GWh of biogas at its twelve biogas plants.

For more information please contact:

Jussi Rinttilä, Sales Director, Gasum Oy
Phone: +358 40 512 1212, firstname.surname(a)

Seppo Korpela, Managing Director, Lihajaloste Korpela Oy
Phone: +358 50 363 7200, firstname.surname(a)

Lihajaloste Korpela Oy is a meat company established in Satakunta, Finland in 1958 and produces smoke sauna products, traditional sausages and slicing sausages, various whole meat and special meat products, processed foods and ready-to-eat products at two production sites in Finland. In addition, the plants make private label products for customers. Korpela’s customers include grocery stores and wholesalers in Finland, Sweden and Russia. The company’s products are also available on passenger and cargo ships and in the public sector. The production sites employ a total of almost 130 foodstuff professionals.

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Hans Välimäki’s new restaurants Säm and Masu made an eco statement: they’re now cooking with Finnish renewable biogas

Opened in Helsinki in August 2017, Hans Välimäki's restaurants Säm and Masu have now switched to cooking in their kitchens with Finnish biogas produced by Gasum. Biogas was chosen for its environmental friendliness and because it is produced in Finland. The biogas is supplied to the restaurants by Suomen kaasuenergia.

Hans Välimäki’s new Helsinki restaurants Säm and Masu are now cooking with Finnish biogas. Opened at Eteläesplanadi 22 in August last year, Säm’s menu features sushi, salads, ramen, buns, pho and especially many vegetarian dishes. At the same address, Masu’s menu features fusion Asian flavors and there is also a private restaurant downstairs in the basement.

Vespa restaurant, which was earlier at the same address, used natural gas for cooking. The new restaurants decided to switch over to using Finnish biogas because it is renewable, environmentally friendly energy that is produced in Finland.

“We chose biogas because it is a modern ecological choice. We think it’s important to be a leader in our business and we know that the ethical approach and ecology of our operations also mean a lot to our customers. We think responsibility is important and this is also reflected in what we do, such as favoring ecologically-produced ingredients that can be easily traced to their origin,” explains Hans Välimäki.

Dozens of restaurants in Helsinki already use biogas

There are currently dozens of Helsinki restaurants that use biogas either for heating, cooking or for both. Using biogas in a restaurant kitchen is an eco-friendly statement.

”Biogas can be made from the fat recovered from grease traps in restaurants and from biowaste originating in cooking. Restaurants can use biogas for cooking and heating, for example. It’s a smart move by the catering industry to increasingly swich to circular economy solutions,” says Max Miilakangas, Sales Manager at Gasum.

Gasum’s biogas plants in Finland are in Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Oulu, Riihimäki, Turku and Vehmaa. In addition, Gasum produces biogas with partners in Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. A Finnish biofuel produced from fully renewable raw materials, Gasum’s biogas has been awarded both the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

For further information, please contact:

Max Miilakangas, Sales Manager, Gasum Ltd
tel. +358 40 068 6814, firstname.surname(a)

Miika Lönn, Head Chef, Masu/Säm Helsinki
tel. 040 595 9757, miika.lonn(a)

The energy company Gasum is a Finnish gas sector (natural gas and biogas) expert that is building a bridge to a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea.

Säm Asian Bar & Kitchen ja Masu Asian Bistro are relaxed Asian restaurants in Helsinki and piloted by Hans Välimäki since 2017. They offer modern, but easy-going Asian flavors, adpated to Finnish taste. The restaurants are owned by Restamax Plc, a Finnish restaurant business group established in 1996. Restamax Plc operates over 130 restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs throughout Finland. Restamax Plc employs around 2,000 people depending on the season. The turnover for 2016 was €130.1m and the EBITDA was €19.4m. Restamax is the first public company in the restaurant field in Finland. Restamax’s subsidiary Smile Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy employs around 8,000 people each month.,

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Fill up with biogas at a monthly price in 2018

Gasum aims to grow the use of renewable fuel in traffic in line with Finland's national climate and energy strategy announced in 2016. There is a growing demand for more renewable energy on Finnish roads and biogas is one of the most attractive alternatives to traditional fuels. Consequently, we will extend the hugely popular monthly pricing model for biogas into 2018 subject to new campaign terms and conditions.

New campaign terms and conditions

Gasum offers private customers and drivers of company cars with limited company car benefit the chance to buy biogas at a fixed monthly price of €89 a month. The campaign will run from January 2 to December 31, 2018 and is

A) for new passenger cars (or cars that have been driven a maximum of 6,000 km or that have been used on the road for less than 6 months) ordered from a car dealer,

B) gas-driven passenger cars imported privately or by a car dealer and registered in Finland for the first time and which were originally used on the road at the earliest on January 1, 2010 (EURO5) or later and

C) passenger cars which have been converted to using natural gas and were used on the road at the earliest on January 1, 2003 (EURO4) or later.

The campaign benefit is valid for 12 months from the date of activating the fixed monthly price. The monthly price applies to fill-ups at all Gasum's gas filling stations in Finland up to an annual limit of around 50,000 kilometers of driving. The monthly price covers an average volume of 190 kg a month evened out over the entire length of the customer's campaign period. This volume equates to more than 4,200 kilometers of driving a month.

Check out the campaign here

Why drive a gas vehicle?

  • Biogas is a 100% renewable Finnish fuel, which is produced from household and retail waste

  • Biogas is more affordable than gasoline and has lower emissions

  • Gas cars also have a gasoline tank, so there's no fear of being stranded on the road

  • With gasoline and gas together, a gas vehicle has a range of around 1,300 km depending on the car model

  • You can already find gas filling stations across Finland and over the next few years we will open 35 more

For more information, please contact:
Customer service, Gasum
Phone: 0800 122 722

Jani Arala, Senior Manager Sales, Biogas, Gasum
Phone: 044 054 8583

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