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With liquefied gas as a fuel, you are future-proof. 

LNG-powered ship pipes

Liquefied gas as a marine fuel

There is a growing demand for alternative maritime fuels to reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport. With liquefied gas, you are future-proof.

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EU ETS for maritime starting from 2024

The EU’s legislative bodies have agreed that shipping industry will be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) from 2024. This will cause high added costs for shipping companies. We at Gasum assist you in adapting to the new regulation, predict allowance pricing and mitigate price risks concerning the allowance purchases.

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Download our guide - Liquefied gas for cleaner maritime transports

We have gathered some information for you in a guide about cleaner maritime transports. You will see what influences shipping to reduce emissions, including regulations, market demands and trends.

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