Gasum – your partner in the energy transition

Today our purpose, cleaner energy is more relevant than ever. Together with our partners, we can offer our customers a robust platform that ensures secure operations and supply of low-carbon and renewable energy for the industry, maritime, and traffic segments.

At Gasum, we want to be your partner in the energy transition. We guide our customers on their way to a carbon-free future through renewable energy solutions, including biogas and electricity, as well as emission and risk management related services.

Our strategy is based on offering our customers an energy platform of complete end-to-end value chains in biogas, natural gas and renewable power. In the near future we will be shifting increasingly towards renewable gas and electricity in our operations.  

7 TWh of renewable gas by 2027

Our goal is to bring 7 terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable gas per year to the market by 2027. Reaching this goal requires significant investment in increasing our own biogas production as well as expanding our sourcing of certified biogas from trusted European partners. We are also making the first sourcing agreements for synthetic and renewable e-methane. When we reach this goal, we will have achieved a cumulative carbon dioxide saving of 1.8 million tons for our customers. 

Liquefied natural gas remains an important stepping stone towards lowering emissions in the maritime and land transportation sectors in the near future. A continuously increasing interest in liquefied biogas, LBG, is a strong indication that further decarbonizing is possible.

We are continuously developing our capabilities and offering in the renewable electricity market for an even stronger competitive edge. Investment in developing the expertise and wellbeing of our personnel is a top priority for implementing our strategy, as is continuously improving processes, and making data-driven decisions. 

Gasum strategy circle

Our platform is supported by three focus areas

Biogas as a locally produced and renewable fuel 

We are the biggest biogas supplier in the Nordics. As a renewable and locally produced fuel, biogas is a way to reduce CO2 emissions in segments such as shipping and heavy-duty transport, where other effective means aren’t yet available. We are focusing on increasing our biogas production and sourcing to bring more sustainable fuel to the market. Our aim is to be the leading biogas provider in all our core markets. 

Natural gas as a pathway to carbon neutral fuels 

As a low-emission and readily available fuel, natural gas and its liquefied form LNG are a pathway to renewable biogas and other methane-based energy innovations. The natural gas infrastructure enables our customers a seamless transition towards carbon neutral alternatives. 

Electrification drives our power expansion 

The need for renewable power and the trend towards electrification is driving our power expansion. We will focus strongly on our capability in sourcing our customers clean electricity while managing their energy portfolio and their physical consumption and balance. Combined with our electricity sales, we have a comprehensive offering in the power market.

Our values

Respect is the cornerstone of trust. We treat all human beings, the planet and the natural resources we use with respect.​

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do. We care for the environment as well as people and we do business profitably to enable investing in a cleaner future.​

Positive energy is a renewable resource. We get energized by working together towards a sustainable future.​