Gasum Driver App

With the Gasum Driver App, drivers can find up-to-date information on the locations of filling stations and directions to their nearest station. The free application can be downloaded from both Apple and Android’s app stores.

From the Gasum Driver App the user will be able to find the closest gas filling station, up-to-the-minute prices, and will even be able to view maintenance schedules for individual stations.

The Gasum Driver App serves both private and professional drivers by showing compressed gas (CBG and CNG), liquefied gas (LBG and LNG), or all gas filling stations depending on the user’s preference. Users will also be able to plan their route and drive more environmentally friendly.

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Everything you need to drive with gas in Gasum Driver App

  • The locations of Gasum's gas filling stations in Sweden and Finland
  • Route instructions to the nearest or the filling station of your choice
  • Possible usage and maintenance interruption information
  • Price information
  • Gas filling instructions
  • Easy contact to Gasum customer service

Download the free app from Apple and Android app stores

Downloading the app is easy. Just download the Gasum Driver App from your phone’s app store:

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Or scan QR code with your phone: