Better risk management and lower costs with portfolio management

With active portfolio management, your company can protect itself from price peaks, implement an efficient power procurement model and achieve emission reduction targets. Effective portfolio management keeps your company in pace with the dynamic shifts in the energy market while you can concentrate on your core business.

Gasum Portfolio Services is an independent subsidiary of Gasum Group and we provide portfolio management services for electricity consumers and producers of various sizes as well as for operators within the emissions trading system. Moreover, we serve both buyers and producers in the markets for guarantees of origin.

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Gasum Portfolio Services offers risk management and stability in a volatile market 

Our experts will take care of your electricity sourcing or production optimization, always selecting the best possible risk management model for your business.  With our portfolio management services, you can control the risks related to gas, electricity or emissions trading markets knowing the price for years in advance. High-quality portfolio management can be seen as insurance against unfavorable energy prices in the future. 

Based on your needs, all the power can be procured from renewable sources and/or with selected technologies. With us, you gain access to a wide variety of products, services, and trading counterparts in the market. As part of our service, we always provide up-to-date market information on the situation in the Nordic electricity markets and developments in the EU emissions allowance market. 

We are one of the few energy companies to have a MiFID license, issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority. This means that we can give recommendations for the purchase or sale of electricity, monitor the electricity market and trade directly in the electricity market on behalf of our customers. 

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