Biowaste management and recycling

Biogas is a sustainable energy source and part of the circular economy. To produce biogas, organic feedstock material is needed in the form of waste and residual products from municipalities, agriculture or industry. The organic waste formed by industries has enormous latent energy and nutrient potential.

Biogas is the most ecological and sustainable way to utilize the biodegradable waste, sludge and other side streams of companies and households. In contrast to composting, the gas formed in the digestion process of biogas production is utilized and refined, for example, into transport fuel or energy for industry. Almost all biological material can be converted into biogas, and our biogas plants in Finland and Sweden receive a large variety of raw materials such as e.g. sludge, waste, manure and residual products.

The most compelling reason for recycling biowaste is its role in the circular economy. The biogas produced from biowaste in accordance with the principles of the circular economy is suitable for a renewable fuel for passenger cars and public transport, heavy-duty road transport, industry and maritime transport. In addition, biogas production generates by-products in the form of recycled nutrients for agricultural and industrial needs.

Thanks to the circular economy, a company can ideally send its biowaste to one of our biogas plants and procure biogas produced from its own waste for its own production or logistics.

We are constantly looking for suppliers of raw materials in Finland and Sweden

If you run a business that generates any form of organic waste or residual products from food production or agriculture, please contact us. Perhaps your side stream or waste materials fit into our production. We will transform your waste into new energy. 

Examples of suitable raw material: 

  • separately collected bio-waste
  • food industry side streams, residuals and spoiled one-off batches
  • sewage sludge
  • manure
  • slaughterhouse waste
  • frying oil
  • grain and oil plants, and waste from their handling

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