GasCard charge card and customer portal

Paying with a GasCard charge card is a handy and cost-free way of managing the fuel bills of your company cars. The GasCard is a charge card used with a PIN that you can use to pay for fuel at all Gasum gas filling stations. In our customer portal you can monitor refueling events and price and invoice information, manage the company's GasCards and customer information.

GasCard charge card for businesses

By using GasCard you will receive a monthly invoice for fuel purchases, showing all of your company's fill-ups conveniently in a single consolidated invoice. GasCards are easy to itemize in accordance with your company's needs, making it easier to monitor fuel expenses.

Below you can find GasCard application form in English. Our business customers in Finland and in Sweden can apply for the GasCard by using an online form. If you need the GasCard in Norway, please read more information from our Norwegian website.

Apply for GasCard for business

Read the Gas Card Charge Card Agreement Terms and Conditions for Businesses

Read the Gasum Groups General Terms and Conditions For Gas Fuel Sales

Are you a private customer in Finland?

Find out more information about the benefits of the GasCard and make an application.

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Customer portal for businesses

In the customer portal our road transport customers can track their refueling events, review gas prices and invoices, manage company GasCards, maintain company information and contact our customer service. 

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