Safety and security are the core of our operations

Safety is a key element in Gasum Group’s strategy and operations. We continue to expand our safety-first culture and promote the safe production, handling and use of gas. Our target is zero injuries, zero harm to the environment and assets, and zero unplanned disruptions in gas supply. We strive to be recognized as an industry leader in safety and security, and we believe that all accidents related to people, environment and assets can be prevented.

Safety and wellbeing at work are an integral part of daily operations in Gasum. Our focus is on preventing harm to people, environment, assets and business relations. Each and every one of us is responsible for following safety and security instructions, making observations and eliminating hazards, and for taking part in safety and security training. Documenting observations help in preventing damage, accidents and injuries, and ensure we continuously improve our daily operations.

Occupational health and safety issues are managed and monitored as regards to the number of accidents, lost time injury frequency (LTIF), risk assessments and safety and security observations. Where risks are identified, we set deadlines and responsibilities for corrective actions in response to them, where we monitor and follow up progress and completion. We also develop safety together with our partners to make our work safer. Our goals and occupational safety indicators encourage us to continuously improve our operations.

Online training in safety and security

Every employee and contractor working for Gasum is expected to take personal responsibility and complete an introduction training on occupational safety at Gasum.

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We comply with the following health and safety principles in our operations:

  • By complying with safety and security guidelines and safe working methods, each employee is responsible for safety and wellbeing.

  • We maintain and develop a management system with integrated safety and security guidelines. We are committed to safety and security guidelines and regulations.

  • We identify the risks and hazards relating to our activities, make improvements and take corrective actions to remove or prevent hazards and reduce risks, and take them into consideration in planning and work performance.

  • We provide personnel training and encourage compliance with safe working methods.

  • We expect our partners to have a corresponding safety and security level

Process safety involves ensuring our plants and facilities and gas filling stations are well designed, safely operated, secured and properly maintained. Process safety starts with the design phase of building facilities and extends throughout their lifecycle, ensuring they are operated safely, well maintained and inspected regularly to identify and deal with any potential process safety hazards.

Keeping our employees and contractors safe and secure is our top priority, and they are required to follow Gasum’s Life-Saving rules (pdf). Our safety and security training programs help to create a safety-first working culture that increases risk awareness and prevents major incidents.

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Safe logistics and supply certainty

Safety is a key concern in our road and maritime activities. We transport, deliver, process, and store e.g. gas, biowaste, recycled nutrients annually. All transportations, whether on land or at sea, are dealt with by our logistics service providers. Whether delivering fuel to customers, equipment for projects or traveling to meetings, we work hard to keep all our drivers safe.

Our road safety approach focuses on driver skills and behavior, the condition of the transport fleet, road and local environment. Our employees, drivers and suppliers are required to comply with Gasum’s safety rules. We manage logistics safety through careful selection and evaluation of our logistics service providers. All safety incidents are reported and investigated.

We offer a reliable supply of affordable energy delivered to customers. Our target is zero unplanned disruptions in the gas supply. Supply certainty is maintained in a systematic and preventive manner, and disruptions are rare. Unforeseen supply disruptions are very rare, and scheduled maintenance or connection work is the most common reason for any temporary supply interruption.

See our Sustainability report for more information about our safety and supply security.