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Gasum’s energy market optimization services help customers in adapting to dynamic and volatile energy market conditions.

The global energy market has grown notably volatile due to ongoing crises, the shift towards greener energy, and geopolitical uncertainties. For industry sector customers operating in energy markets, crucial considerations include pricing volatility, demand fluctuations, regulatory changes, and risk management. Strategic planning is vital for cost-effective operations and resilience.  

Gasum’s energy market optimization services is a comprehensive approach involving the strategic planning of optimal operations to individual customer needs. This extends to diverse operations across power, gas, district heating and solid fuel markets.  

Optimization ensures efficient energy use in relation to different sources, considering varying prices. By adapting energy consumption to price fluctuations, our customers can achieve lower costs, reduced risks, enhanced returns, and improved competitiveness. Additionally, emissions can be targeted, setting limits such as annual CO2 emission thresholds for optimization. 

Our energy market optimization services

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