Gasum in brief

Gasum is a Nordic energy expert. We offer cleaner energy and energy market services for business and cleaner fuel solutions for road and maritime transport. We help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of their customers.

Our areas of expertise are natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), biogas, liquefied biogas (LBG) and electricity markets. We own and operate 17 biogas plants and an extensive network of gas filling stations in the Nordic countries.


employees in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Germany

100 %

ownership by the State of Finland


million revenue in 2023

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Our purpose: cleaner energy

Our purpose is to secure access to cleaner energy for our customers. Whether it is renewable power for business, LNG and biogas for maritime and land transportation or natural gas for industry, we help our customers navigate the energy transition towards continuously reducing emissions.

Respect. Sustainability. Positive energy!

The Gasum values form the core of our company culture. They reflect who we are and how we work together.

Respect is the cornerstone of trust. We treat all human beings, the planet and the natural resources we use with respect.​

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do. We care for the environment as well as people and we do business profitably to enable investing in a cleaner future.​

Positive energy is a renewable resource. We get energized by working together towards a sustainable future.​


We offer our customers a flexible modern energy platform of complete end-to-end value chains in biogas, natural gas and renewable power. As part of our strategy, we are shifting the emphasis of our business towards renewable gas and electricity.

Our goal is to bring seven terawatt hours (7 TWh) of renewable gas yearly to the market by 2027. When we reach this goal, we will achieve a cumulative annual carbon dioxide saving of 1.8 million tons for our customers.

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Industry and businesses

We provide industrial companies and other businesses with energy and energy-related services for smooth and low-emissions operations. This means natural gas, biogas and renewable electricity as well as energy services for care-free energy management.

Maritime and land logistics providers

We offer emissions reduction opportunities to our customers in maritime and land transportation by providing them with biogas and natural gas in their compressed or liquefied forms.

Products & services

Biogas, liquefied biogas (LBG, Bio-LNG)

We produce biogas at our 17 biogas plants in Finland and Sweden and source more from certified European partners.

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Natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG)

We source natural gas and LNG from different sources around the globe for our industrial customers as well as for maritime and land logistics.

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Network of gas filling stations

We sell gas for transportation through our extensive network of gas filling stations around Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Nordic filling station network is continously expanding.

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Power & energy market services

We provide expertise in renewable electricity purchasing and sales. By outsourcing all activities related to energy sourcing and management to us, our customers can concentrate on their core business.

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Circular economy solutions

We manage around a million tons of municipal and agricultural waste each year and turn it into biogas and renewable fertilizers and nutrients.

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Sustainability is central to our values and at the core of our strategy. Our objective is to increase the availability of low-carbon energy products to our customers, advance the circular economy and at the same time, to minimize the environmental impact of our own operations.

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Sponsorship and cooperation

Through sponsorship and collaboration projects, we want to be involved in enabling experiences for all of us. We work with science, arts and sports organizations that fit our values ​​and goals.

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