Comprehensive services for businesses using gas

In addition to gas energy, we offer you our expertise and comprehensive services related to gas and the energy markets.

Our Services For Gas Users

  • Portfolio Management: Control the risk related to gas knowing the price for years in advance.
  • Fuel Flex Services: Switching between energy sources based on cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Renewable biogas with guarantees of origin: Use renewable energy in a flexible way. 
  • Customer Portals: Easy view of customer, consumption and invoicing information.

Managing risks better through portfolio management

Gasum Portfolio Services is an independent subsidiary of Gasum Group and we provide portfolio management services also for customers using gas. Our experts will take care of your gas sourcing or optimization. With our portfolio management services you can control the risk related to gas knowing the price for years in advance. Portfolio management can be seen as insurance against unfavorable energy prices in the future.

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Expanding energy possibilities with Fuel Flex services

Fuel Flexibility arises when an operation can consume energy from two or more alternative sources. This flexibility allows for switching between sources based on cost considerations and adapting to specific situations. Flexibility within the energy portfolio aligns with Gasum's strategy to support customers in their transition toward a carbon-neutral future. 

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Emission-free renewable energy with guarantees of origin

Renewable biogas is emission-free energy, offering our customers a responsible and carbon-neutral energy alternative. Biogas is sold to customers as guarantees of origin.

Guarantees of origin are a way to verify the renewable origin of gas. The use of guarantees of origin enables the customer to use biogas flexibly. The customer can choose how much biogas they want to use at any given time.

Manage your data in the customer portal

With our customer portals, companies can easily view their customer, consumption and invoicing information and place orders.

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