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Demand response for cutting costs and increasing overall efficiency

Gasum helps its customers to optimize electricity use with demand response, shifting to off-peak hours for cost savings and switching to alternative fuels during high-cost periods.

In the dynamic landscape of the energy market, demand response is key. We specialize in helping our customers anticipate and optimize energy demand, ensuring they can make the most of pricing fluctuations and operational efficiency. 

Demand response involves using electricity in a price-responsive manner. By timing electricity usage during off-peak hours, our customers can take advantage of lower prices, consuming more electricity during these periods. In times of high electricity costs, a seamless switch to alternative fuel sources can be implemented. Demand Response, as a subset of optimization, contributes to overall efficiency. 

Benefits for our demand response customers include significant cost reductions through peak consumption adjustments, additional revenues in reserve markets, enhanced risk management. It also improves the crucial flexibility for a transition to a carbon-free energy system by providing much needed flexibility in the markets to allow more renewable generation capacity to be built. 

Our demand response services

  • Strategic demand-side management: We assist in scheduling electricity usage during cost-effective periods, optimizing customers’ energy consumption strategy.
  • Transition to alternative fuels: In times of peak electricity costs, we guide the optimal transition to alternative fuel sources, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising operations.
  • 24/7 Energy desk services: Our energy desk operates around the clock, providing risk management and optimizing electricity usage based on market dynamics. 

Let's discuss your options: 

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