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Gasum's Energy Desk monitoring the market 24/7

The importance of non-stop and real-time monitoring is growing even further in a market where electricity is generated increasingly with weather-dependent renewable energy. Rapid fluctuations in production will at times cause strong movements in market prices. By outsourcing monitoring companies can reduce their price risk significantly.

Our Energy Desk monitors the energy market around the clock and is responsible for the operational activities in the electricity and gas market. These activities include forecasting customer demand, monitoring balances 24/7, day-ahead and intraday trading in Nordpool Elspot and Elbas markets, balancing market actions, reserve market adjustments, and responding to any unexpected situations. 

This real-time monitoring enables careful electricity balance management, electricity price optimization and access to the Fingrid and Svenska Kraftnät reserve markets. We also operate in several European gas markets on behalf of our customers.  

From forecasts and balance management to trading in electricity markets 

Our energy market experts monitor the movements in the energy markets and respond quickly to the changes in the market. We work with dozens of data sources, powerful IT systems and algorithms to ensure informed decisions.  

24/7 Energy desk services are provided for several customers including energy companies, and major electricity and gas buyers. The service package of each customer is customized to their needs. 

Read more about our services below. 

Balance management

Intraday trading

Reserve markets

What we deliver

  • Monitoring the market situation 24/7 and responding rapidly to changes in the market. 
  • Providing customers with day-ahead forecasts and trading in the day-ahead market. 
  • Conducting real-time electricity balance management for customers and optimizing energy buying/selling by trading in the intraday market. 
  • Publishing Urgent Market Messages on behalf of customers in accordance with the market rules. 
  • Offering customers’ adjustable capacity in the reserve market and taking care of communication between the transmission system operator and the customer. 

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