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Biogas and liquefied biogas

Biogas is emission-free renewable energy, offering our customers a responsible and carbon-neutral energy alternative. Biogas can be used, for example, as fuel for transportation or in industrial use. Biogas can be fed into a gas pipeline network or converted into liquefied form (LBG).

Biogas can be produced, for example, from biodegradable waste from households and companies, waste water and agricultural manure. 

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Biogas use can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life cycle by up to 90% compared with fossil fuel use.

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Biogas can be liquefied into LBG which allows for transportation to destinations beyond the gas pipeline network. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas are interchangeable as they both consist mainly of methane. This means that the two gases can be mixed. The use of both LNG and LBG is one of the concrete actions that will take us towards a low-carbon future society.

Gasum biogas plants in the Nordics

Gasum owns and operates several biogas plants in Finland and in Sweden. Our local biogas plants provide services related to biodegradable waste processing, biogas production and production and distribution of recycled fertilizers. In addition to its own production, Gasum buys biogas from Nordic and European partners.

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Gasum’s biogas sourcing strategy 

Gasum is dedicated to procuring more renewable gas to satisfy the increasing demand for sustainable energy. Our goal is to offer 7 TWh of renewable gas yearly by 2027, including biomethane and e-methane. A large portion of this volume relies on establishing long-term partnerships with trusted biogas producers throughout Europe.

We typically sign agreements for the entire output of plants which, like ours, use Renewable Energy Directive (RED) compliant materials to produce sustainable biomethane. All our operations strictly adhere to EU-recognized sustainability certifications that support international operations. 

Gasum’s biomethane sourcing strategy relies on establishing long-term partnerships with various trusted biogas producers. 

Towards cleaner energy - Watch a video about circular economy collaboration

Our circular economy collaboration with the Finnish K-group starts from collecting the biowaste from K-groups stores and delivering it to our biogas plants. At the plant, the waste the processed into biogas to be used as energy e.g. in transportation or even in ice cream production by Kesko’s partner, Froneri. 

Watch video demonstrating the process and introducing people behind it. The series is presented by World Energy Council and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.