Gasum's LNG terminal in Pori, Finland

LNG terminals

Gasum owns and operates the terminals in Øra and Ålesund, Norway, in Lysekil and Nynäshamn, Sweden and Pori, Finland. Gasum is a shareholder of the Manga LNG joint venture in Tornio, Finland.

Gasum terminals

Gasum Lysekil LNG terminal

Lysekil LNG terminal

Gasum LNG/LBG terminal in Lysekil was built as a joint project with our major terminal customer Preem. 

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Person in safety gear in LNG terminal

Nynäshamn LNG terminal

The terminal supports the industry, shipping and traffic needs for LNG in the eastern parts of Sweden.

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Ålesund LNG terminal

Ålesund LNG terminal

The terminal is located at Bingsa in Ålesund municipality, and has been operating since 2010.

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Pori LNG terminal in Finland

Pori LNG terminal

The Gasum LNG terminal in Pori is the first liquefied natural gas terminal in Finland. 

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Tornio Manga LNG terminal

The Manga LNG natural gas import terminal in Röyttä, Tornio, is a joint venture of the industrial companies Outokumpu and SSAB Europe, the energy company EPV Energy and the energy company Gasum.

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Öra LNG terminal in Norway

Øra LNG terminal

From the terminal, nearby industry is supplied by a local natural gas pipeline grid.

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Customer terminals in Norway

Glava customer terminal

We are transporting LNG to Glava from the Gasum LNG terminal in Øra.

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Dynea customer terminal

The Gasum customer terminal at Dynea is supplying clean fuel for the Dynea production process. 

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Norgips customer terminal

Gasum has an customer terminal at Norgips in Drammen (Svelvik), which is supplied with LNG from the terminal on Øra with tankers.

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