Your partner in the energy market

We want to make it easy to operate in the energy market. Therefore we believe in partnerships and doing things together.

Manage your risks and benefit from changes in the market situation

We offer you our expert support and solid energy market competencies with the latest market information. We can help you anticipate and manage energy market risks to make your work easier.

To operate successfully in the energy market, you need a long-term risk management strategy and speedy response to changes in the market situation. If necessary, our experts can take care of electricity sales, sourcing and production for you throughout the market chain.

Portfolio management

Gasum Portfolio Services is an independent subsidiary of Gasum Group and we provide portfolio management services for electricity consumers and producers of various sizes.

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Emission allowances

Our experts help with risk management and trading in emission allowances, either by providing advice or more comprehensively as a portfolio management service.

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24/7 Energy desk

24/7 Energy desk services are provided for several customers including energy companies, and major electricity and gas buyers. The service package of each customer is customized to their needs.

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