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Elina Saarivuori

Environmental Specialist
p. 050 911 2668

Gasum’s corporate responsibility reporting


At Gasum we regard corporate responsibility and sustainability as a comprehensive approach that is closely connected to our strategy. We communicate about current responsibility and sustainability themes on our website and in social media as well as annually in our corporate responsibility reports and annual reports.

Gasum’s corporate responsibility reporting to stakeholders takes place in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

See our Gasum Corporate Responsibility Report 2017. Download Gasum Corporate Responsibility Reports 2016201520142013. The reports can be found also from publications.

Cooperation between Kesko and Gasum is an excellent example of circular economy in practice

Gasum takes biowaste from more than 100 K-food retail outlets to the Lahti biogas plant where biogas is produced from this food waste. The biogas is then delivered to manufacturers of Kesko’s own-brand Pirkka products and used as energy when making new products.