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How to operate successfully in the energy markets?

Take control with a well thought out energy strategy, optimization and risk minimization. We have gathered some information for you in a guide about how to operate successfully in the energy markets.

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Tea Kiukas Gasum

Tea Kiukas

Head of Energy Market Services & Gasum Portfolio Services
tel. +358 40 588 8595

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Your partner in the energy market

We want to make it easy to operate in the energy market. Therefore we believe in partnerships and doing things together. 

We offer you our expert support and solid energy market competencies, the latest market information and the most flexible software solutions in the market. We can help you anticipate and manage energy market risks to make your work easier.

Manage your risks and benefit from changes in the market situation

To operate successfully in the energy market, you need a long-term risk management strategy and speedy response to changes in the market situation. If necessary, our experts can take care of electricity sales, sourcing and production for you throughout the market chain.

Our portfolio management services will provide you with access to the best possible electricity prices for up to several years ahead. In the wholesale physical electricity market, we can participate in trading on your behalf and tap into market opportunities around the clock – always optimizing the best possible electricity price for you.

We will help your enterprise operate responsibly by obtaining Guarantees of Origin for electricity and acting as your expert in emission allowances trading. As our partner, you will always have access to up-to-date market information and the strong expertise of our analysts.

Our services to help you navigate in the energy market

  • Portfolio management and brokering services

  • Up-to-date information on the market situation and market reports delivered to you

  • Balance services in the wholesale physical electricity market

  • 24/7 control room services for electricity balance risk management and electricity price optimization

  • Demand-side management services for consumption optimization

  • The most flexible software solutions in the energy market

  • Guarantees of Origin services for electricity and alternatives for voluntary emissions offsetting

  • Expert services for emissions trading

How could we best support your work? Get in touch with us to have a chat about the options available.

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