Natural gas is the cleanest fossil energy source as its combustion does not create any sulfur or heavy metal emissions. Read more about the use of natural gas in Finland.

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A bridge to a low-carbon society – five statements about natural gas


Natural gas consists almost entirely of methane, and is lighter than air. It's share of Finland's energy consumption is approximately eight per cent. In households, the usage of natural gas is concentrated in the Helsinki area, where it is used in around 30,000 properties. In addition to the synergies between electricity and heat, other notable uses for natural gas include the processes that enable industry to manufacture products.

Jouni Haikarainen, Senior Vice President, Natural Gas, from Gasum answered five statements concerning natural gas.

1. The generalisation of renewable energy will have an effect on natural gas usage.

Correct. Giving up on fossil fuels will also have an effect on the usage of natural gas. As a diverse, clear energy source and material of industry, natural gas will still be an important part of Finland's energy consumption across future decades as well. In terms of the synergies between electricity and heat, the usage of natural gas will be increasingly emphasised as a reserve fuel that is used to meet extra demands for electricity during periods of peak energy consumption.

2. The competitive price of natural gas is its most important advantage.

Partly correct. The price needs to be competitive and it plays a crucial role when choosing between different forms of energy, but the particular advantages of natural gas is its ease of use and state of being environmentally friendly in comparison to other fossil fuels. For example, it's usage doesn't generate particulate pollutants.

3. Finland's gas pipe network has been centred around Southern Finland.

Correct. The pipe network of natural gas has been built in a way that reflects and serves the largest concentrations of the Finnish industry. From this point of view, it's justifiably focused on a restricted area. Gasum also offers liquefied natural gas (LNG). It can be delivered to the customers who reside outside of the pipe transporting network.

4. An essential part of Gasum's strategy is to take care of the availability of the competitive natural gas for the needs of Finnish consumers and companies.

Correct. Gasum's strategy is to expand the gas market in the Nordics. This includes purchasing competitive gas for Finland's gas market and delivering it to consumers as well as companies, both now and in the future.

5. Across the globe, there's a trend where nation states are trying to reduce their reliance on natural gas as an energy source.

Partly correct. The attitude changes depending on the continent or state. In Europe, efforts to reduce member states' reliance on fossil fuels are ongoing, and this has its effects on natural gas. On the other hand, the benefits of natural gas concerning the upkeep of air quality has been remarked upon, for example, in Asia. As a result, natural gas is increasingly used across the globe as a fuel in industry, for energy production and traffic.