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Gallup: What solutions do you make for a cleaner future?

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We make decisions that are sustainable today as well as tomorrow. We share a common cause with our customers. All of them, from major global players to smaller ones, put just the right pressure on us in this respect.

Samskip is a European multimodal transporter. We provide both land and waterborne transport and operate on roads and railways, at sea and on rivers. We take the entire transport chain into account when examining emissions. We use railways and river barges whenever we can.

LNG is a great opportunity as a maritime and road fuel for us and our subcontractors. We are pleased with the availability of LNG and follow the development of the biogas market with particular interest.

Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, Chief Executive Officer, Samskip

Metals are important in the production of battery technology, electrification and fossil-free energy. Boliden is a leading producer of base metals in Europe and the biggest mining company in Finland. Emissions from our operations are low in international comparison, and we are working continuously to cut our emissions.

We are investing in the electrification of our transports. For example, we are building electric trolley lines for our Kevitsa mine in Northern Finland, which is unique in the Arctic climate.

In the future we will increase the production of fossil-free energy in Finland. Our aim is to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030.

Klas Nilsson, Director, Group Communications, Boliden

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As the world’s number one pizza chain, we are taking action for the environment, locally as well as globally. We prepare no more food than is needed, and we monitor our use of ingredients down to the gram. Any waste that is still generated regardless of our efforts is recycled by us. Recovering food waste and processing it into a low-emission fuel is part of the recycling process.

We use biogas-fuelled cars for home delivery of our pizzas. Our first major climate step was the introduction of the MSC certificate for prawns and tuna. Next, we will publish a vegan menu to complement our current sustainable offering.

Johan Sirén, Brand Manager, Pizza Hut Finland