Helping customers with risk management

I work as a Sales and Development Manager at Gasum’s Energy Market Services in Sweden. With my team we help our customers to manage risks in the power market in both the financial and the physical markets.

Our customers are large industrial companies, energy companies and renewable energy producers that are exposed to high risks in the power market. It is important to have the right expertise and correct information to lower the risks and make successful hedges in the power market. This is what Gasum Energy Market Services team are experts in. 

I started working at Gasum in 2020 and I really like Gasum’s sustainability values. These values combined with dedicated personnel attracted me here after working for 12 years in renewable fuels. It is interesting and challenging to build a new business area in a new market. One key factor is the support of the experts we have in our team.

Energy business has always interested me. The business was not so challenging 20 years ago but in recent years the overall focus on energy and the awareness of it has rapidly increased both due to the climate change, but also because companies are able to introduce and produce renewable energy and to hedge low and stable energy prices in a volatile market.

Some of the most important future prospects are to introduce and give market access to renewable energy resources. This will help in meeting the emission targets and Gasum will be one of the key players in this transformation.

Position: Sales and Development Manager at Energy Market Services, Sweden
Education: B.Sc in Energy Engineering at Umeå University Sweden
Hobbies: Travelling, skiing, running, playing padel, fishing mackerel, cooking
Family: Two boys


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