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Munkkaanmäki 54
08500 LOHJA

Plant Manager
Sami Heinonen-Turkia
tel. +358 40 487 9021

Operational since:
The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for 2021

Waste processing capacity:
60,000 tonnes/year

Gas production capacity:
40 GWh/year

Organic fertilizers:
50,000 tonnes/year



Lohja biogas plant

Gasum’s biogas plant in Lohja is located in the area of the Munkkaa waste management center. The commissioning of the plant was scheduled for January 2021.

Jari Leppä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry opened Gasum’s new biogas plant in Lohja in June, 2nd 2021.

Lohja biogas plant will process an annual total of 60,000 tonnes of biowaste and is expected to produce about 40 GWh of biogas for transport and industry and also 50,000 tonnes of organic fertilizers per year.

The Lohja biogas plant uses biodegradable waste from the Helsinki region as feedstock, which means that the recycled nutrients created in production at the biogas plant meet the criteria for organic fertilizers.

The project will enhance the growth of the Finnish biogas market and strongly promote the  biogas. The job-creation impact of the Lohja project will be around 170 full-time equivalents of employment during the con-struction phase, while the permanent employment effect will be around 32 full-time equivalents.

The investment is significant for Gasum. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted Gasum €7.83million in ’Bioeconomy and clean solutions' key project support for increased biogas production.

Ask more, there is a need for more biodegradable waste for our production.

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