Made with Finnish biogas

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Made with biogas – The Biogas Label


The Biogas Label is a mark for products or services made with 100% Finnish, renewable biogas. 

Biogas is a smart and versatile energy form. It is produced in Finland from biodegradable waste sourced from homes and retail outlets as well as from industrial side streams. This makes biogas 100% Finnish, renewable and environmentally friendly.

The Biogas Label for businesses

The Biogas Label is a registered trademark owned by Gasum that communicates to consumers about a responsible and environmentally friendly choice.

The right to use the Biogas Label can be awarded to:

  • an enterprise using biogas as energy in product manufacture
  • a restaurant using biogas in food preparation and other restaurant operations
  • a transport company or other organization using gas-fueled vehicles.

Where to use the Biogas Label?

Businesses awarded the right to use the Biogas Label can utilize it:

  • in product packaging
  • in printed matter such as brochures and advertisements
  • on websites and in social media
  • in in-store product presentation
  • in advertising and media communications.

We offer businesses utilizing the Biogas Label visibility in our own channels and cooperation campaigns.

Our customers represent a variety of sectors from restaurants to large food industry enterprises.

Examples of our customers using biogas: