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Gasum as an employer


At Gasum we have summed up our values in a single proposition: “Purposefully and responsibly moving towards new opportunities.” As a rapidly developing energy company we are determined to respond to today’s challenges and take part in the creation of a carbon-neutral society.

You will be a good match to our team at Gasum if:

  • You are open to changes.

  • You want to develop your own as well as the company’s competencies.

  • You are self-driven and ready to find things out.

  • You take always care of safety while working.

  • You are interested in environment and responsibility is a important value to you.

We post information about vacancies through our social media channels. Please find also open vacancies in Gasum.

"I joined Gasum in January 2016 from a major media group, but I have a solid background in the energy sector as I started my career in the Nordic power exchange. The energy sector has gone through big changes that I’m now following extra attentively. Our sector’s also undergoing an interesting period of transformation as regards environmental issues."

Ville Pesonen, Gasum

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