Gasum as an employer

We are a team of around 330 Gasum employees determined to build a cleaner tomorrow. Our mission is ”Cleaner energy”. As a rapidly developing energy company we are determined to respond to today’s challenges and take part in the creation of a carbon-neutral society. For our customers we are partner in the energy transition.

Developing our employees’ competencies is important for our wellbeing at work as well as for the implementation of our strategy. We want to offer a meaningful workplace where our employees get to develop their strengths.

If you would like to develop your skills in a sector of the future, Gasum is the right place for you to work! Take a look at our open positions.

Open positions

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Gasum Group’s leadership principles

  1. I set clear and ambitious targets, follow up and deliver results

  2. I encourage to find solutions

  3. I give and take feedback constructively

  4. I build trust

  5. I energize and involve people

  6. Together we celebrate our success

Gasum is involved in the Responsible Workplace campaign

Oikotie Responsible Workplace is a group of organizations that have come together and embrace the seven principles of responsible employment. We want to offer even better and more responsible work experiences for all our employees.

The principles of a responsible workplace are:

  1. We respect the candidate.
  2. We provide a proper orientation to the job.
  3. Our supervisors exist for the employees.
  4. We provide meaningful work that fosters development.
  5. We address unequal treatment right away.
  6. We take care of employee wellbeing.
  7. We pay a fair salary.
OIkotie Responsible Workplace