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Anneli Ahlström: Being able to try new things

Anneli Ahlström works at Gasum as a production manager. She feels that her work is meaningful as Gasum is working towards making a positive change in the environment through more sustainable energy solutions.

What is your educational background?

I studied engineering biology at Linköping University in Sweden, and I have a master’s degree in engineering. I’ve always been interested in nature and I care a lot about the environment which is why I chose to study engineering biology. I graduated in 2004.

How did you end up working for Gasum?

It was actually a bit of a coincidence. In 2015, I began working at Swedish Biogas International, which was acquired by Gasum in 2017. In my opinion it’s a good thing that Gasum began investing in the biogas business. A big company such as Gasum with a lot of resources can make a real difference.

How has Gasum helped you grow in your current role?

Before my role as a production manager, I worked as a process engineer. Taking on a new role has been interesting as well as challenging. I feel that being able to try new things within the company is an advantage as it allows people to broaden their skills and grow into new roles. Being surrounded by experienced and competent people offers great support when you are learning new things and given different responsibilities. My co-workers and superiors are always ready to help.

What would people find surprising about working at Gasum?

At the moment, a lot happening is happening at Gasum, and we are continuously adapting to the environment and new conditions. In addition, I feel people might find it surprising that even though Gasum is a large company, we have a small company feeling in many ways. We are excellent at helping each other and stepping out of our comfort zones.