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Gasum in brief

We are a Nordic energy company and the number one expert in the gas sector. Together with our partners, we promote development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

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A workplace in line with own values

Daniel Pykälä-aho’s career at Gasum has progressed from summer employee to customer relations manager. For him, job satisfaction is to be able to do challenging and varied work of real importance.

I work for Gasum as customer relations manager in technology services. In practice, I’m responsible for customers assigned to me. My job involves working as a link between production and the customer as well as between production and sales. My job includes contract management and monitoring and leading projects. Among other things, I deal with communication flow between the customer and our company, I develop and monitor customer relations and steer resource needs.

My job description has changed a lot over the years. I came to Gasum eight years ago, aged 19, when I got a summer job. I had just completed vocational college, where I studied carpentry and knew nothing about the gas industry and its potential. Before then, I worked in the construction industry. After the summer, my job with Gasum continued and before long I had signed an employment contract for a permanent job as a gas technician. The industry is not something you can really learn at college and so I learned hands on from an experienced gas technician and through working.

Four years ago, I decided to continue my studies. I completed the bachelor’s degree program in mechanical engineering and production technology at Häme University of Applied Sciences alongside my full-time job as a gas technician. I graduated as an engineer last summer. Gas installation work had become very familiar during the course of eight years, and so I was really enthusiastic to be given the chance to take up new challenges at Gasum. I feel that my background as a technician also greatly benefits me in my new tasks.

My work at Gasum has always been varied, challenging and rewarding. One of the things I liked about being a gas technician was the varied and challenging work in different gas-related tasks.

I also like my work because Gasum truly focuses on sustainable energy production and environmentally-sound alternatives. I’ve always had great respect for the environment and nature and so I’m pleased to work in a company that strives to ensure that it remains fit for the future. Looking ahead, I hope more industrial users, too, will take the road to sustainable energy.

It’s been great having a ringside view of how Gasum has invested in biogas production. Biogas has enormous potential, even though natural gas is an environmentally-sounder alternative than coal or oil.

Natural gas imports from Russia under Gasum’s supply contract has been halted

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