Heidi Kuoppala

Heidi Kuoppala: Towards cleaner transport

Heidi Kuoppala joined Gasum’s Traffic Business Unit in 2017.  She has a previous track record of over 10 years in the company car business in various sales and customer relationship management roles – first in a leasing company and then in a vehicle fleet management company.

My current role at Gasum is Business Manager, Traffic Sales. I’m responsible for all our commercial activities in the passenger cars and light-duty vehicle business segment in Finland: the essential target of my work is to increase our traffic gas sales by expanding the gas car market. This naturally requires a lot of collaboration with different operators within the automotive sector as well as deep understanding of the needs of both consumer and business customers.

The automotive sector, and the transport sector as a whole, is undergoing an enormous transition in which changing customer needs, environmental targets and national and EU level public regulation are playing an important role. The coming years will be extremely interesting for all of the players in the sector but particularly for road vehicle manufacturers and fuel suppliers.s.

Gasum has a unique product that’s perfect for current as well as future market needs because road transport emissions have to be cut cost-effectively. I’m keen to be part of this very interesting journey at Gasum – it’s important for me to be able to work for a company that offers sustainable solutions utilizing the circular economy concept. It’s easy to commit to the values of Gasum: I feel that it is a priviledge to have a possibility to do meaningful work for the cleaner future every single day.