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Making history in the energy industry

Pricing Manager Juha Kännö changed to working at Gasum to witness the Finnish gas market opening up. During the years, he has been able to utilise his expertise as an analyst and learn new skills in a meaningful work environment.

I switched to Gasum in 2016, just as the Finnish gas market was about to be opened up. It was a historic event in the energy market, and I had the opportunity to be part of the preparations for the opening. Gasum’s mission of cleaner energy is also something I really value. This work has real significance in reducing emissions and fighting climate change.

My tasks as Pricing Manager are divided into two parts. I work as part of the portfolio management team, mainly developing product and contract structures for natural gas. I also act as a product owner, meaning that I’m in charge of defining functionalities for IT systems. The different areas of my job support each other well. It is important that I understand also the commercial significance of our products when developing IT systems.

Over the years my role at Gasum has expanded more towards sales operations because of my involvement in following the opening up of the gas market. I’ve had a chance to learn through practical work, and I’ve been able to challenge myself. At the same time, I’ve brought my own expertise to Gasum – I have previously worked as an electricity market analyst and a modelling specialist. It has also been great to be able to shape my job description towards things I’ve found interesting.

During the last couple of years Gasum has grown significantly, and with it I’ve gained several new colleagues. Many people working at Gasum have experience outside the energy industry, which brings new ideas into the organisation. It’s refreshing to work with people from different backgrounds. Due to the gas market opening up, Gasum’s operational environment has been changing rapidly, and we’ve grown into quite an agile company. Of course, this is a path of continuous learning, but it’s positive how quickly we are nowadays able to react to changes and update our business model.