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Gasum in brief

We are a Nordic energy company and the number one expert in the gas sector. Together with our partners, we promote development towards a carbon-neutral future on land and at sea.

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Good team spirit and numerous opportunities to develop

Matti Kärkkäinen's career at Gasum began over 17 years ago as a summer employee. Working for the same employer is still interesting and there's a positive spirit of getting things done throughout the company.

I ended up at Gasum straight from school in 2001. I studied at what is now Kouvola Region Vocational College and did practical training at Gasum. After that I worked as an automation mechanic for a few months, did my military service and then returned to the same job. After some years, I continued studying to become a project engineer and after that I worked as a service engineer. I've now been working for three years as a foreman in electrical maintenance. My scope of responsibilities has grown and nowadays also includes mechanical and real estate maintenance in the Kouvula region.

I've always enjoyed working for Gasum. I like the good team spirit, nice colleagues and the fact that there's a positive spirit of getting things done in the company. Of course, a long career like mine has had its ups and downs, but I still come to work with a smile on my face. Here there are good opportunities to develop and progress in your career. Based on my own experience, Gasum is also a reliable employer. In a big company you can enjoy the benefits of working in a big company and HR matters have always been dealt with in an exemplary way at Gasum.

Gasum's operating environment has changed a lot, but the basic values have remained in place over the years. At first, the most important thing was to ensure a supply of gas to customers. Although this is still important to us, these days we provide more services to customers than earlier. Our customer base is also broader.

Looking ahead, the markets will continue to further develop. There's keen enthusiasm to grow and we need to be able to keep at the crest of the wave and be able to adopt new technologies as development advances. Rapid development also creates challenges, which in turn also bring opportunities and open up new jobs in the industry.

I don't consider that I'm particularly environmentally aware in my everyday life, but I have noticed that Gasum's values have become my own values. For example, I drive a gas-fueled car and many of my workmates also have a gas-fueled car in the garage.

Natural gas imports from Russia under Gasum’s supply contract has been halted

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