Lydia Glabisch

Pioneering in the LNG bunkering business

Lydia Glabisch, Operation Coordinator of Ships, has been working in the shipping sector for 14 years. Working in the LNG bunkering business has offered meaningful challenges as well as a chance to be a pioneer in the sector.

I joined Gasum in May 2020 when Gasum acquired Nauticor, where I worked as an operator for the gas-fueled bunker vessel Kairos. Now, as the Operation Coordinator of Ships, my main responsibility is instructing Gasum’s vessels in all operational matters. I coordinate the operations together with my team of two colleagues.

The LNG bunkering business is still quite new, and I am really proud to have the opportunity to be able to grow along with the business and to be a pioneer in this sector. Additionally, I am happy to be a member of one of the big players in the LNG bunker industry.

Even though I have worked in shipping for 14 years, I am still learning new things every day. My history within the industry is quite colorful since I’ve worked in various positions in different departments like crewing, operations, insurance, technical and vetting. I feel so motivated and passioned about working in cleaner maritime transport.

The most exciting aspect of being a part of this industry is knowing that I’m helping to make our planet greener. I have two little girls and, in 30 years, I will be receiving my pension. So, I would like to look back and say, “yes, I contributed to preserving the planet.”

It can be quite challenging to be a woman in an industry mainly dominated by men, but I think we are moving in the right direction. Within Gasum, I have experienced that men and women are treated, respected, and accepted uniformly. Gasum is overseen by a female CEO, and I think that says a lot about how things are done at the company.

Position: Operation Coordinator of Ships
Hobbies: Nature, sewing, dancing
Family: 2 children