Terese Sola Gasum

Terese Sola: It is inspiring to work across the Nordics

Terese Sola is a HR & Administration coordinator at Gasum, Norway. She enjoys working with people and is motivated whenever she can help her colleagues to thrive at work.

What is your educational background?

I actually studied teaching, and my background is in pre-school teaching. However, in 2002, I changed the direction and began working in the oil and gas sector in different administration and coordination roles. I’ve never stopped learning though, and during my career, I’ve participated in courses that support my knowledge of the industry.

How did you end up working for Gasum?

Before I joined Gasum, I was a consultant. I enjoyed working in the energy sector, but I was looking for a permanent role. Luckily, I happened to find a job posting for an administration coordinator at Gasum. The role had everything I’d been looking for, and I just knew that it was the perfect job for me.

How has Gasum helped you grow in your current role?

I’ve learned so much during the past five years I’ve been here. We’re always working towards common policies and processes for the whole Gasum Group. It’s been very inspiring to be part of the development that began from only having Norwegian HR systems to creating collaboration tools for multiple countries.

What would people find surprising about working at Gasum?

Gasum is an inspiring place to work. We follow trends and have an agile way of working. I feel that change creates opportunities for growth and new business ideas. And as an employee, you have the power to influence and create new ideas. Also, we celebrate each other’s success!