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Fulfilling customers’ needs, real-time

Marketing and communication manager Trude Ravndal is facing an interesting challenge as the demand for liquefied natural gas and biogas (LNG and LBG) is increasing. She has great confidence in teamwork and is determined to exceed customers’ expectations towards communications.

I joined Gasum following a career with international oil pipeline companies. My previous roles have included the marketing of pipeline maintenance solutions and the development of communications strategies, both from a branding and commercialization perspective. Currently, I’m in charge of marketing our natural gas and biogas products for the shipping and industry segments. This includes making detailed activity plans and executing them accordingly.
On a general level, the Nordic industry and maritime transport operators are already familiar with Gasum and liquefied natural gas (LNG). We’re now heading for further growth in the market and are focused on emphasizing the fact that LNG is a viable, clean and energy-efficient alternative. An important part of our message is that Gasum is a reliable supplier and that we are developing the gas market for sustainable liquefied biogas.  
I enjoy being able to support the strategic targets set by Gasum as well as working at the operational level.

The outcomes of marketing and communication may be, at times, difficult to measure but, for me personally, success means performance that meets the customers’ needs and even manages to exceed their expectations.
Today, fast-paced interaction with the market and customers is a major challenge. Therefore, we need digital tools and efficient channels to fulfill our customers’ expectations regarding real-time interaction. After all, that’s what customers expect from their energy supplier, too.

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