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Listening to the customer with a sensitive ear


Ville Pesonen takes great interest in following the transformation taking place in the energy sector due to political decisions and environmental issues.

I have a solid background in the energy sector as I worked for several years with the Nord Pool power exchange at the beginning of my career. From there I moved on to roles such as sales and marketing director with the Accountor Group and sales director for media sales & advertising for the Iltalehti newspaper with Alma Media. My positions outside the energy sector provided me with new perspectives on sales and marketing and insights into the joys and pains of management.

I joined Gasum in January 2016. My current role is to look after the customers of our Natural Gas business unit with an experienced team of fantastic professionals. Returning to the energy sector after a detour of almost ten years is like coming to an old school reunion: I’ve come across so many familiar names and faces in familiar places, with all of us just having aged a few years.

The energy sector’s been through major changes. Our sector’s also in an interesting period of transformation as regards environmental issues. Unfortunately the use of natural gas has decreased in Finland over the past years because of changes in the operating environment that have reduced our price competitiveness. At Gasum our aim is to put an end to this development and increase the share of gas in the fuel mix.

Natural gas is an interesting product to sell. Compared with many other products, natural gas is always of consistent and prime quality, logistically easy and safe to deliver, and doesn’t require large storage space. As the only importer and wholesaler of natural gas in Finland, we’re under strong legislative and regulatory control. This affects our access to the means of product commercialization. The Natural Gas Market Act will, however, be reformed in the next couple of years, and the proposed new act is more market-oriented than the current Act.

This spring we organized pricing workshops where we had an open dialog with our customers and explored the best possible approaches with them. Our aim is to better understand the everyday lives of our customers and the ways in which we can help them.