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Listening to the customer with a sensitive ear

Ville Pesonen wants to make it easy to operate in the energy market and wants to help customers anticipate and manage energy market risks.

I have a solid background in the energy sector as I worked for several years with the Nord Pool power exchange at the beginning of my career. From there I moved on to roles such as sales and marketing director  and sales director for media sales & advertising. My positions outside the energy sector provided me with new perspectives on sales and marketing and insights into the joys and pains of management.

My current role is to develope and manage energy market services with an experienced team of fantastic professionals. Returning to the energy sector after a detour of almost ten years is like coming to an old school reunion: I’ve come across so many familiar names and faces in familiar places, with all of us just having aged a few years. We offer for customers our expert support and solid energy market competencies, the latest market information and the most flexible software solutions in the market.

The energy sector’s been through major changes. Our sector’s also in an interesting period of transformation as regards environmental issues. 

Gasum considers that natural gas imports from Russia could end this week

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