Invoicing addresses


We use an electronic processing of invoices (Basware P2P) and therefore we would kindly ask you to send your invoices to us as electronic invoices. If you do not have the possibility to send e-invoices, please choose the most suitable option from the other alternatives listed below.

Please note that all invoices must include the name of the orderer as reference person or his/her telephone number. In addition, please include the purchase order number, project number or contract number, if available, as well as your email address so we may contact you if needed. Unfortunately we cannot handle the invoices with inadequate reference details.

Addresses for e-invoice

Gasum Oy
VAT number:0969819-3
EDI Operator's: 003709698193
ID Operator: BAWCFI22

Gasum Consulting Oy
VAT number: 2093299-9
EDI Operator's: 003720932999
ID Operator: BAWCFI22

Gasum Portfolio Services Oy
VAT number: 2549647-9
EDI Operator's: 003725496479
ID Operator: BAWCFI22

Gasum AS         
Org. number: 923 861 335
E-invoice address: 9908:923861335                      
Operator code: BAWCFI22
Operator: Basware Oyj

Gasum LNG OY               
Basware Oyj

Gasum LNG AB              
Basware Oyj

Gasum LNG Production AS
Basware Oyj


Basware Web portal

Basware Web portal allows you to send e-invoices for free

By updating information from your invoice to the portal, an e-invoice is created and delivered to us

Registration is required when using the service for the first time

You find PDF-and paper invoice addresses here.