Our purpose is cleaner energy. We support our customers in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We seek to increase the availability of renewable and low-carbon energy in road and maritime transport and in industry.

Our aim is clean mobility of people and goods on land and at sea. We offer cleaner and cost-effective energy and raw materials for industry and combined heat and power (CHP) production clean in Finland, Sweden Norway and Germany.

We also help our customers to master the energy market and provide services and consultancy services throughout the market chain.

Winter road

We introduced an ambitious climate target

We are progressing towards carbon neutrality by setting new environmental targets to mitigate climate change. We seek to increase the availability of biogas to reach cumulative carbon emission reductions of a million tons. By 2025, we intend to make 4 TWh of biogas available on the market from our own production and that of certified European partners.