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We grow people and business together

Our goal is that all Gasum Group employees are able to do their work well and be inspired in a safe and energizing work environment.


Wellbeing at work is the key to succeed together. We promote development of inspirational leadership, an open feedback culture, increasing the smoothness of work, maintaining work ability and reducing disability pensions. In addition to internal collaboration between all Gasum's different stakeholders such as management, HR-team and line managers, we have developed different cooperation models with external partners like occupational health care and insurance companies to anticipate and respond to potential work-related problems together. 

An important part of wellbeing is how people experience working at Gasum. Wellbeing entails a personal experience of feeling positive about work and looking forward to coming to work, having a meaningful job and interactive collaboration. Our wellbeing goal is that all Gasum Group employees are able to do their work well in a safe and energizing work environment.

Culture and leadership

We boost agile culture and develop employee experience. We aim to strengthen the culture that engages, energizes and focuses on building and sharing a common understanding and purpose. Two of our strategic initiatives include boosting agile culture and developing our employee experience.

Agile leadership and ways of working are a fundamental building block in the development of our culture. It means constant learning and a growth mindset. A strong customer focus is our guiding principle also in internal collaboration. We have defined targets for agile leadership and given a practical mix of tools to Gasum line managers for them to use in their daily work to help to build agile approaches with their teams as well as cross-functionally.


At Gasum we believe in our people - everyone is seen as a talent. Gasum’s strategy provides the framework through which this talent grows, innovates, and creates a future with a defined purpose. We grow people and business together.

Gasum offers challenging tasks and opportunities to grow. We focus on competence development and talent management. Systematic development discussions give an opportunity to create a shared view of key issues and focus areas for the future, as well as setting targets and following up on personal development. Our Leadership Principles are part of the discussions as well and also have a crucial role in other HR processes. Each individual living by these principles makes inspirational leadership a reality.