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Why get a gas car?

Driving on gas is a low-emission choice and gas is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. All gas car models available in Finland also have a gasoline tank, so everytime refueling you can choose the fuel you prefer.

Gas car models available in Finland

Gas car models can be found in the most popular makes, such as Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi, including in their best-selling models. Gas vehicles are available from cars to commercial vehicles.

gas car models in Finland
how to get a used gas car

Second-hand gas cars

Buying a used gas car is a good option as well. Second-hand gas cars can be found from Finland or abroad.

Tip: For example from Sweden you may find well maintained and affordable gas cars, and the model selection is wider than in Finland.

Where can I fill up?

Filling up is easy! Gas is available for your car at gas filling stations. Gasum is constructing several new stations in the coming years. You can select biogas or natural gas at all Gasum stations.

Fill up on gas
price of refueling gas

What is the price of refueling?

Gas is cheaper than gasoline or diesel. You will find the current gas price at the stations and on our website.

Gas car taxation

The car tax and vehicle tax are determined on the basis of the vehicle’s emissions. Gas cars are subject to tax on driving power, which is lower than that on diesel cars.

Gas car taxation
Info about gas cars

Would you like to learn more about driving on gas?

How does a gas car perform in winter conditions? How far can you drive with a gas car? See our answers to frequently asked questions.