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Niemi chose biogas

In spring 2015 Niemi Services Ltd began cooperation with Gasum in the use of biogas-fueled moving vehicles. Their vehicles running on biogas can now be spotted on the basis of the green Biogas Label.

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Gasum Group Financial Statements bulletin – January 1 to December 31, 2016

Purposeful steps taken to expand the nordic gas market


• Revenue €843 million (2015: €915 million)
• Operating profit €125 million (2015: €126 million)
• Sales of Natural Gas business 23.8 TWh (2015: 25.9 TWh)
• Sales of Biogas business 233.9 GWh (2015: 179.3 GWh)
• Sales of LNG business 5.8 TWh (2015: 5.7 TWh)



"In 2016 we took purposeful steps to advance our strategy, and the Gasum Group’s financial performance had a positive trend.

Natural gas plays an important role in the transition towards a carbon-neutral society. Gas has maintained a significant position in Finnish energy use. The annual consumption of natural gas in Finland (24 TWh) in 2016 corresponded roughly to the amount of energy generated by four nuclear power stations. The position of gas is also acknowledged in Finland’s newly-adopted National Energy and Climate Strategy, which provides steering towards ambitious energy and climate targets.

Our Nordic position as a significant player in liquefied natural gas (LNG) was strengthened as the Risavika LNG production plant was acquired by our subsidiary Skangas. In addition to this, we diversified the Finnish energy market with LNG as Finland’s first LNG import terminal was opened in Pori in August 2016. Progress in our strategy was also made as planned in biogas production and supply as we acquired both Biovakka and Biotehdas in early 2016. We are now even better able to offer biogas for transport and industrial use while at the same time promoting the realization of the circular economy."

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Gasum Group, communications

Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer
(For queries please contact Henna Walker, Executive Assistant)
Phone: +358 20 44 78 661 firstname.surname(a)

The energy company Gasum, read more the company

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Gasum gives up heat business and natural gas retailing – strategic focus on Nordic gas market growth

Gasum Ltd is selling its heat business and natural gas retail business to Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy in the Auris gas distribution network area. Anticipated to be completed by mid-February, the transaction is part of the Gasum strategy where the key objective is to expand the gas market based on biogas, natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Nordic countries.

The transaction will involve Gasum giving up the heat business and natural gas retailing within the local distribution network area of Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy. Gasum will continue to supply natural gas to its wholesale customers, including Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy and other distributors of gas in Finland. Gasum’s current biogas customers will remain as Gasum customers, and Gasum will continue the development of the biogas market by offering biogas both directly to distribution customers and via distribution sales companies. Giving up natural gas retailing will clarify Gasum’s position in the Finnish gas market, which will undergo changes following the coming reform of the Natural Gas Market Act.

”This transaction is part of the Gasum strategy and enables us to focus on providing an even better and more comprehensive service to our biogas, natural gas and LNG customers in industry, road and maritime transport and waste management,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

”Auris Kaasunjakelu is buying Gasum’s natural gas retail business and heat business in its network area. Both business operations will take place via subsidiaries separate from gas distribution. Auris is investing strongly in natural gas and biogas sales and the development of heat solutions. Auris believes in the competitiveness of natural gas as well as biogas as clean fuels that are superior choices for many purposes,” says Auris Kaasunjakelu Managing Director Mika Paloranta.

Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy owns and operates gas distribution networks in 13 areas in Finland and is committed to the development of the business functions acquired by it as well as the local distribution of gas. The company was founded in June 2015 following the sale of the shares of Gasum Paikallisjakelu Oy and Helsingin Kaupunkikaasu Oy by Gasum to the investment company SL Capital Partners, a subsidiary of the UK firm, Standard Life Investments.


For further information please contact:

Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 44 78 661 (Henna Walker, Executive Assistant) 

Mika Paloranta, Managing Director, Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy
Phone +358 40 358 2598 (Laura Piipari, Specialist) 

Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications, Gasum
Phone +358 20 44 78 628

Energy company Gasum, read more about the company

Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy owns and operates gas distribution networks in Finland, read about the company

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€7.97 million in key project investment aid granted for transport use of biogas – Turku biogas project planning to be launched immediately

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted the Turku biogas plant expansion €7.97 million in investment aid for key energy projects. The project entity planned by Gasum Ltd covers the expansion of the Topinoja, Turku, biogas plant as well as the construction of a biogas upgrading and liquefaction plant. As part of the project, two new biogas filling stations will also be constructed in the Turku region to serve light vehicles. The total investment will be in the range of €26 million.

Planning for the Turku project entity will begin immediately. The final investment decision concerning the project is due to take place during spring 2017. The investment in anticipated to be completed during 2018. The project will provide around 170 full-time equivalents of employment during the construction phase. The annual total capacity of the biogas plant following the completion of the expansion will be around 110,000 tonnes of sewage sludge and separately collected biowaste as well as industrial side streams. The project will enhance the growth of the Finnish biogas market and strongly promote the transport fuel of biogas.

”The key project aid granted for the Turku biogas project is a strong sign of the Government’s commitment to the development of the biogas market in Finland. 100% Finnish and fully renewable biogas plays a key role in action to achieve a clear reduction in road transport emissions in accordance with the climate targets binding on Finland,” says Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

Liquefied biogas for ships and heavy-duty road vehicles

Developing the biogas market and increasing production are key elements of the Gasum strategy. The Topinoja, Turku, biogas plant expansion project includes biogas upgrading and liquefaction. At the same time Gasum Ltd will construct two new biogas filling stations for light vehicles, enabling the distribution of biogas produced from locally sourced waste.

The liquefaction of biogas will make it possible to distribute biogas for use as a fuel for heavy-duty road as well as maritime transport. The annual liquefaction capacity of the Turku biogas plant will correspond to the annual fuel consumption of around 300 heavy-duty vehicles. Liquefied biogas is available for fill-ups from Gasum’s heavy-duty vehicle filling stations, the first of which are located at the Port of Turku and Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbour. The next heavy-duty filling stations will be constructed during 2017 in Vantaa and Jyväskylä.

Under the Government Programme, the key projects aim to bring the Finnish economy to a path of sustainable growth and rising employment. The objective of the ’Bioeconomy and clean solutions’ key projects is to increase the use of renewable energy in a sustainable way so that its share will rise to more than 50% during the 2020s. This will be based, in particular, on the growth in the supply of bioenergy and other emission-free renewable energy.

For further information please contact:
Jukka Metsälä, Vice President, Biogas, Gasum Ltd
Phone: +358 20 44 78 656 firstname.surname(a)

Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications, Gasum Ltd
Phone: +358 20 44 78 628 firstname.surname(a)

The energy company Gasum, read more about company

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Biogas helped solve brewery restaurant’s Bryggeri’s waste problem

Did you know that Gasum is Finland’s leading processer of biodegradable fractions? Thanks to our local biogas plant network, we provide a flexible service for public as well as private organizations. Take a look and ask us for a quote.

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