LNG leading the way in Finland

LNG leading the way in Finland

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Niemi chose biogas

In spring 2015 Niemi Services Ltd began cooperation with Gasum in the use of biogas-fueled moving vehicles. Their vehicles running on biogas can now be spotted on the basis of the green Biogas Label.

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Gasum promoted cleaner transport on land and at sea in Q3

Gasum Group Interim report for January 1 to September 30, 2017

• Revenue €676 million (Q3 2016: €589 million)

• Operating profit €78 million (Q3 2016: €86 million)

• Sales of Natural Gas business 16.5 TWh (17.0 TWh)

• Sales of LNG business 4.5 TWh (3.9 TWh)

• Sales of Biogas business 392 GWh (147 GWh)

Gasum Group CEO Johanna Lamminen comments on the third quarter:

”During the period under review, Gasum focused on the promotion of cleaner transport on land and at sea. The LNG Business entered into a significant partnership with ESL Shipping, which will start operating two LNG-fueled ships in the first half of 2018. LNG as a marine fuel meets all current as well as known future environmental requirements. Its use in vessels also reduces particulate emissions and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The maritime industry regards LNG as a cost-effective choice for reducing emissions.

In the third quarter of the year we strengthened our filling station network for gas vehicle users by opening new filling stations for key transport nodes in Vantaa and Jyväskylä, Finland. We also entered into an important circular economy partnership with IKEA Finland. The cooperation will involve using food waste from IKEA restaurants in Finland to produce biogas, with Gasum gas filling stations also to be constructed in conjunction with IKEA stores.

The Finnish natural gas wholesale and retail market will be opened to competition in 2020 in accordance with the Natural Gas Market Act. Work on the gas market rules will take place actively during the autumn in workshops in cooperation with customers and stakeholders. At Gasum we regard it important to work together with customers and stakeholders to create the best models to serve Finnish gas users.”

Please read Q3 -Interim report >


For further information please contact:
Johanna Lamminen, Chief Executive Officer, Gasum
Phone: +358 20 44 78 661, (Henna Walker, Executive Assistant)

The energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas sector (natural gas and biogas) expert that is building a bridge to a carbon-neutral society on land and at sea. Gasum contributes to the creation of a sustainable energy company by increasing the supply of local biogas,  developing the Nordic gas ecosystem and ensuring the price competitiveness of gas. Gasum imports natural gas to Finland, upgrades biogas and transmits and delivers these for a broad range of uses in energy production, industry and land and maritime transport. Gasum is a leading supplier of biogas in the Nordic countries. The Gasum subsidiary Skangas is a Nordic expert in LNG that will continue to strengthen the position and infrastrucuture of LNG and the utilization of new gas solutions more extensively in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Gasum Group has more that 400 employees in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Cleanly with natural  energy gases.

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Changes in Gasum Group Management Team

Changes in Gasum Group Management Team.

Senior Vice President for Natural Gas Jouni Haikarainen will be responsible also for the Technical Services business and the Legal Affairs will be managed by CFO Lasse Aarnio.

Vice President for Technical Services Jarko Alanko and Vice President for Legal Affairs Kristiina Vuori leave the company.

For more information please contact:
Olga Väisänen, Vice President, Communications, Gasum Ltd
Phone: +358 40 554 0578

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Gasum Biotehdas Oy, Kuopion Biotehdas Oy and Honkajoen Biotehdas Oy have merged

Gasum Biotehdas Oy, Kuopion Biotehdas Oy and Honkajoen Biotehdas Oy merged with Oulun Biotehdas Oy on September 30, 2017. The merged companies have therefore ceased to exist.

The companies were fully-owned subsidiaries of Gasum Ltd and sister companies to each other, and the purpose of the merger was to simplify the corporate structure of the Gasum Group. 

The agreements of the merged companies were transferred automatically to Oulun Biotehdas Oy in conjunction with the merger, and the change of contractual party will not require any measures by customers.


For more information please contact:
Gasum Customer Service,  phone 0800 122 722 (working days 8:00–17:00)


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Biogas helped solve brewery restaurant’s Bryggeri’s waste problem

Did you know that Gasum is Finland’s leading processer of biodegradable fractions? Thanks to our local biogas plant network, we provide a flexible service for public as well as private organizations. Take a look and ask us for a quote.

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